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Photo sessions

Hiring is inclusive :

  • Expectations alignment
  • Follow-up
  • Pictures will be delivered within 4 weeks
  • Portrait 2 weeks delivery
  • Fine Art 2 weeks delivery

Hiring is exclusive :

  • Driwing allowance if over 75 km
  • Road taxex, Ferry ticket etc.
  • Hotel stay
  • Extra kilometer 0,60 eur/km
bryllup kirke portræt nordjylland danmark
bryllup kirke portræt nordjylland danmark

Frequently asked questions

How long in advance shall we book?

The sooner the better! Wedding is often planned in the spring/summer time – so the sooner you have have a date the better. So You can have the photographer You want!

Do we get all the pictures you take?

No you do not. You get a copy of the edited pictures from the day. Photography and editing is a craft and nothing leaves my hand that I can not vouch for.

can you remove the “not so beautiful things” from the picture?

All selected pictures will be edited. I can not rule out that on some pictures I might do a small retouch. But I am always true to the original expression. If you do not want a retouch this of course will be accommodated.

Why is there such a big difference in the price range among photographers?

Photography is an art. Just like painters there is a big difference in how you express yourself. You can not re-do a wedding! It is crucial that the photographers pictures render how beautiful a wedding is. To get some pictures that you can look at and remember how beautiful this day was.

Why does it take so long to get my pictures?

Sorting out and choosing the pictures is a long process that takes several hours – and then starts the editing of the pictures. It is not a process you can rush. I have a certain standard that signifies my work and that can not be rushed. 

Will  you re-do a picture we are not satisfied with?

Absolutely! Hopefully we have our expectations aligned during our first meet, but should something not be as you hoped I will do my very best to redo it.